Foreign Language Training Cell

Foreign Language Training Cell

Divine Law College is the first Law College in Kerala to start Foreign Language Training Cell within the Campus. The institution started it with the aim of imparting foreign languages German and French. With a group of expert faculties and unique methodology we are able to help students to build up a better career in the corporate sector in India as well as abroad.

Foreign language training is the process of acquiring proficiency in a language other than one's native tongue. Whether motivated by personal interest, professional advancement, travel, or cultural enrichment, learning a foreign language opens doors to new opportunities and broadens one's perspective of the world. Furthermore language proficiency is valued in today's globalised world, offering competitive advantages in both personal and professional spheres. Many employers seek candidates with multilingual skills, recognizing the benefits of effective communication across borders and cultures.



Learning German, the most widely spoken language in Europe, enables you to build up a better career in Germany as well as in Europe. Knowledge of German language is an additional qualification to find a promising job in the future. Using modern teaching aids, our language experts will enable you to read, write and speak German for all occasions. Those who go to Germany for studies and work will find the courses extremely useful for their further studies and work.


Learn to speak French, develop writing, reading and speaking skills. Our training enables you to acquire a wide knowledge of French language and to develop your communication skills. Modern teaching methods like original documents, real-life situations and videos will help you learn and speak French

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