Welcome to Divine Law College Library Club, a dedicated community aimed at promoting the better use of the library and fostering a love for reading among students. Our club brings together bibliophiles from various departments, creating a vibrant space for literary exchange and intellectual growth.

Key activities and goals of the Library Club include:

  • Promoting Reading Habits: We encourage students to cultivate a lifelong love for reading by organizing reading sessions, book discussions, and literary events.
  • Book and Author Discussions: Our members have ample opportunities to exchange ideas and engage in thoughtful discussions about their favorite books and authors.
  • Awareness of Resources: We strive to create awareness about the vast collection of books, journals, and e-resources available in the library, ensuring the students utilising these valuable assets.
  • Workshops and Seminars: Participate in workshops and seminars that focus on research skills, information literacy, and effective use of both physical and digital library resources.
  • Book Clubs and Reading Circles: Join our book clubs and reading circles to explore diverse genres and share your insights with fellow book enthusiasts.

Our mission is to nurture a culture of reading and intellectual curiosity within the campus. The Library Club not only focuses on traditional print resources but also embraces the realm of e-resources, ensuring our members are well-versed in navigating the digital landscape.

Join us and be part of a community that celebrates the joy of reading and the endless possibilities offered by the library. Together, let's explore, discover, and share the world of books!

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