Legal Aid Clinic

Legal Aid Clinic

At Divine Law College we embody the principles outlined in Articles 21 and 39-A of the Constitution goes beyond academic instruction. The Legal Aid Clinic in our college is dedicated to ensuring that no citizen is denied justice due to lack of resources. We provide vital legal assistance to those unable to afford it and engage in community outreach and legal awareness programmes to educate and empower. By sensitizing our students to the challenges faced by the indigent and fostering a robust sense of social responsibility, the clinic serves as a crucial bridge between academic knowledge and real-world legal practice. Our aim is to cultivate a more inclusive society where the pursuit of social justice is not a privilege but a right accessible to all. Join us in our mission to make a tangible impact and ensure that every individual receives the legal aid they rightfully deserve.

Legal Aid Clinic Inauguration
  • To expose students to community services.
  • To instil a deep understanding of the law through real-world application, enhancing the educational experience for law students.
  • To promote the development of professional ethics and a strong sense of public service, encouraging students to contribute positively to the administration of justice.
  • To equip students with advanced problem-solving and professional skills crucial for legal practice.
  • To inspire students to champion democratic values and actively participate in the democratic process.
  • To deliver value-based clinical legal education that prepares students to address and manage complex socio-legal issues effectively.
  • To prepare students to advocate for and serve underrepresented or unserved segments of the community.
  • To foster leadership qualities in students, motivating them to incorporate public service into their legal careers.
  • To heighten student awareness of public interest, public policy, and government concerns, preparing them for informed legal practice.
  • Legal Aid Camps
  • Seminars/Webinars
  • Legal awareness camps
  • Debates
  • Legal Counselling
  • Street plays
  • Jail Visit
  • Old Age Home Visit

Crafting Legal Minds for the World

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