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Experience the transformative power of legal education at  Divine Law College where aspiring legal minds thrive and unlock their full potential.

Welcome to Divine Law College , where legal excellence meets innovation. With a legacy of shaping brilliant legal minds, we are committed to providing a transformative educational experience. Our esteemed faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, and immersive learning environment empower students to embark on a journey of knowledge, critical thinking, and ethical advocacy. Join us to unlock your potential and become a trailblazer in the dynamic field of law.

  • Comprehensive Curriculum
  • Renowned Faculty
  • Modern Facilities
  • Practical Training
  • Career Support
  • Research Opportunities
  • Global Perspective
  • Extra-Curricular Activities
  • Technology Integration
  • Ethical Education
  • Student Support Services
  • Multidisciplinary Approach
  • Holistic Development


Divine College offers a wide range of courses to equip students with comprehensive legal knowledge and practical skills.


Some of the unique features of Divine Law College are the following

Civil Services Coaching Cell

Divine Law College is the first Law College in Kerala to start Civil Service Coaching Cell within the campus. It has initiated the programme of imparting coaching for civil services examination for those students who are enrolled in this college for the five year integrated BA LLB and B.Com LLB academic programmes. The civil services coaching cell was inaugurated by Assistant Inspector General of Police Sri. Suneeshkumar. R, IPS. Recently the students are living in a highly competitive society in which the capacity of the students to utilise the resources that the institution provides limitlessly will determine the future of each and every one who strives hard for a jump to the forefront. The five year integrated LLB Degree programme can create a concrete foundation for civil services examination.


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Judicial Service Coaching Cell

Divine Law College is the first Law College in Kerala to start Judicial Service Coaching Cell within the campus. The coaching cell was inaugurated by Assistant Inspector General of Police Sri. Suneeshkumar. R, IPS. Judicial Services Exam coaching is a form of preparation that provides candidates with structured guidance to achieve their desired results. It is designated to ensure that students adequately prepare for all aspects of the exam from studying all exam strategies to time management. The preparation for judicial services examination takes time. Many candidates take coaching and start studying while in law schools or colleges to qualify for the exam. So if you have decided to pursue judicial service as a career and want to secure a position then start preparing immediately. Make a note of the syllabus, highlight the important topics, read previous year question papers.


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Foreign Language Training Cell

Divine Law College is the first Law College in Kerala to start Foreign Language Training Cell within the Campus. have started it with the aim of imparting foreign languages German and French. With a group of expert faculties and unique methodology we are able to help students to build up a better career in the corporate sector in India as well as abroad.


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Chartered Accountancy Coaching Cell

Divine Law College is the first Law College in Kerala to introduce coaching for Chartered Accountancy Course inside the campus. A chartered accountant is a qualified accountant of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. They are required to have sound knowledge of accounting, auditing, costing and various aspects of direct and indirect taxation. Chartered Accountancy is one of the most chosen career options in India. Students from any field can pursue the CA course and add a CA prefix to their name. Students who have completed their 12 th or graduation with at least 55% are qualified to register for the course. However, to become a CA in India, they must clear three exams: Foundation, Inter and Final, and complete the 2 year practical training. The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) is the governing body of the CA exams. It handles all the matters related to the Chartered Accountancy course and profession.


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Company Secretary Coaching cell

Divine Law College is the first Law College in Kerala to introduce coaching for Company Secretary Course inside the campus. A company secretary is a senior position in the corporate governance of organizations, playing a crucial role in ensuring adherence to statutory and regulatory requirements. They provide legal advice to directors and board members, deal with other professionals like lawyers and auditors and keep up to date with policy, legal and statutory requirements for the business. This position is integral to the efficient functioning of corporations, particularly in common law jurisdictions. Despite the name, the role is not clerical or secretarial . The company secretary ensures that an organisation complies with relevant legislation and regulation, and keeps board members informed of their legal responsibilities. Private companies are required by law to appoint one person as a company secretary, and this person will either be a senior board member or a member of the senior management team.


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Career Guidance and Placement Cell

Our Career Guidance & Placement Unit plays an important role in fostering the holistic development and successful placement of students. Equipped with comprehensive infrastructure, the cell orchestrates year-round training activities to prepare students for campus selection programmes and collaborates with various sectors for recruitment opportunities. It focuses on molding fresh law graduates into adept professionals, offering services such as campus interviews, job placements, and training programmes to develop crucial skills for the competitive job market. The cell also organizes workshops and seminars on personality development, interpersonal relationships, communication, interview, and presentation skills to facilitate all-round individual development.


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Placement Oppourtunity

Launch Your Legal Career with Confidence: Our New Law College Ensures 100% Placement Assistance!


Internship Opportunities

We provide our students with access to over 50 legal internship opportunities with prestigious law firms and organizations


Faculty Expertise

Our faculty comprises 30 accomplished professors, including 10 with doctoral degrees and 15 published legal scholars.


Divine College is renowned for its exceptional faculty comprising distinguished legal experts, accomplished scholars, and experienced practitioners. The faculty's expertise and reputation attract students seeking guidance and mentorship from some of the most respected figures in the legal field..


Divine College is widely recognized for providing a transformative education that goes beyond traditional legal studies. With a focus on practical skills, interdisciplinary learning, and holistic development, the college prepares students to excel as versatile legal professionals equipped to tackle the complex challenges of the modern legal landscape.


Dive into the diverse range of academic programmes offered at Divine College, including undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in law. Explore the specialized areas of legal study, interdisciplinary approaches, and practical skills training incorporated into the curriculum. Exceptional academic programmes demonstrates.


Take a virtual tour of the college's state-of-the-art facilities, including well-equipped classrooms, modern libraries, moot courtrooms, research centers, and technology resources. Showcase how these facilities create an optimal learning environment for students. state-of-the-art facilities create a modern and conducive learning environment for sudents.


Unveiling the Legal Maze: Explore our captivating Legal Insights for a fresh perspective on the ever-evolving world of law

Landmark Judgment on Right to Privacy

In a recent legal update, the Supreme Court of India delivered a landmark judgement affirming the right to privacy as a fundamental right under the Indian Constitution. This decision has significant implications for personal data protection, surveillance laws, and individual privacy rights across the country..

Amendments to the Civil Code

The Indian government recently introduced significant amendments to the Civil Code, aiming to modernize and streamline various aspects of civil law. These amendments address areas such as property rights, contracts, family law, and succession, bringing them in line with evolving societal needs and legal principles.The Civil Code have introduced significant changes.

Kerala High Court's Ruling on Sabarimala Temple Entry

The Kerala High Court recently issued a ruling allowing the entry of women of all ages into the Sabarimala temple, lifting the previous ban on women of menstruating age. This decision has sparked widespread debates on religious practices, gender equality, and the right to worship, making it a crucial legal development in Kerala.

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